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Best office 365 backup solutions

Best Office 365 Backup Solutions

Why we need Office 365 Backup Solutions

Office 365 Backup Solutions
Office 365 Backup Solutions

It is becoming increasingly important for Microsoft office 365 customers to implement a comprehensive and adaptable cloud backup and disaster recovery solution. Backup and recovery solutions produce a point-in-time copy of files, databases, or even a whole computer so that users can recover them later on. As a result, data that is accidentally deleted can easily be recovered, but it also means the files are protected from ransomware attacks, which force a victim to pay a ransom in order to be able to access their information.

With this article, we’ll explore the top backup and recovery solutions your organization can use to protect itself against data loss. The features include features such as real-time backups; rollbacks and restorations; role-based access to backups and reporting; and protection of remote sites and public cloud workloads. In this section, you will get details about each provider and their solutions, as well as who they are most suitable for.

Acronis Cyber Backup

Acronis provides backup and disaster recovery software, as well as secure data access. Sync and share files, a backup and disaster recovery feature, as well as a secure backup and disaster recovery solution, are included in Cyber Backup from Acronis. The Cyber Backup solution is one of the fastest recovery solutions on the market, utilizing Acronis’ run VM technology to deliver instant recovery that reduces interruptions to users and increases efficiency. Alternatively, you may purchase Cyber Backup as part of Acronis’ Cyber Protect package, which includes automated infrastructure, web, and endpoint protection.

With Acronis’ Cyber Backup solution, users are protected from ransomware attacks using AI technology that prevents unauthorized changes to files and encryption. The backups are verified for authenticity prior to restoration to ensure complete security, and the restoration is immediate and reliable. Administrators can manage the data protection process through Cyber Backup’s management console. Admins can access the console from anywhere since it has a web interface. Furthermore, this flexibility is also evident in the protection; Cyber Backup secures all company data sources across 20+ different virtual, physical, cloud, and mobile platforms. This means that data is protected no matter the size or location.

With specific data protection solutions for the automotive, healthcare, energy, and government sectors, Acronis provides solutions tailored to specific industries. In customer reviews, the solution is described as easy to deploy and manage on any platform, including Windows and Linux servers. Additionally, Acronis’ products and documentation are available in 25 languages. Cyber Backup from Acronis is an ideal backup and recovery solution for medium-to-large global enterprises looking for data protection tailored to their industry’s requirements.

Acronis Cyber Backup Features

  • Minimize any potential data loss by backing up as often as you want without impacting system performance or productivity
  • Minimize costly downtime by starting your backup as a virtual machine to get your system up and running in mere seconds
  • Defend your data and ensure its integrity with built-in AI-based anti-ransomware protection and blockchain notarization
  • One solution for any infrastructure — Acronis Cyber Backup safeguards data across physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile environments
  • Restore an entire system to new, dissimilar hardware in just a few clicks
  • Automated bare-metal recovery is up to twice as fast, thanks to a complete system image and smart technology that automatically detects boot requirements

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Altaro Office 365 Backup

A global leader in backup and recovery for SMBs and MSPs, Altaro provides protection for a wide range of business environments. Their Office 365 Backup solution is a replicating and restoring application that focuses on backing up Office 365 mailboxes and files located in OneDrive and SharePoint. In addition to being cloud-based, Office 365 Backup is also easy to configure and deploy, as well as manage via a central cloud management console from which admins can configure full and granular data restorations.

Backup files in Microsoft Office 365, such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, and documents within SharePoint and OneDrive, are automatically created by Altaro Office 365 Backup. Altaro’s Microsoft Azure cloud storage infrastructure allows users to store these files in an unlimited manner on a secure cloud location. The system facilitates management and monitoring of an organization’s backups through an online console, allowing administrators to check current operational activity, restore history and the health of the organization. Organizations can use the console to carry out full or granular mailbox recovery, sending recovered content either to the original mailbox, another mailbox within the organization or to a secure zip file at the discretion of the user. Backups created by OneDrive and SharePoint can be restored largely in the same way, with the same options for restoration destinations. A wizard tool guides users through the restoration step-by-step to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Aside from the functionalities of the solution itself, Altaro also offers excellent customer support; their technical support team is available 24/7 with an average response time of fewer than 30 seconds. The Altaro Office 365 Backup solution is incredibly scalable, which makes it the ideal solution for any organization, from small to large, that needs reliable recovery services for Office 365 mailboxes, SharePoint sites, and OneDrive libraries.

Altaro Office 365 Backup Features

  • Altaro enables you to back up and restore your Office 365 mailboxes with ease
  • Your subscription includes backups, unlimited storage, support and access to a central management console for one or more years
  • You can scale to tens of thousands of users
  • Your Office 365 backups are automatically saved to Altaro’s secure cloud backup location hosted on Microsoft Azure Infrastructure
  • Access various restore options both for entire mailboxes and for granular restore of selected mail items
  • 22-second average support call pickup with no tier 1 agents or gatekeepers

Carbonite Backup for Microsoft Office 365

The company Carbonite, acquired by OpenText in 2008, specializes in data protection from the point of creation through the entire lifecycle. Over 100,000 small businesses worldwide rely on Carbonite Backup for Office 365 for their data backup needs. This backup solution provides comprehensive backup and disaster recovery capabilities for Microsoft’s entire suite of Office 365 apps. Once deployed and integrated into Microsoft Active Directory, Carbonite’s solution can be used to recover entire sites, but it can also be used to recover files, including email communications.

As part of Carbonite Backup for Office 365, incremental backups and data security are automatically performed in the background. Data that is backed up to the cloud is encrypted and written to a second instance in Microsoft Azure. In addition to automatic backups, administrators can perform role-based access controls and audit reports through a secure web-based dashboard that provides access to backup information, audit reports, APIs, and exports.

The simple search feature of Carbonite makes data recovery simple and quick, enabling admins to carry out restorations based on user, subject line, and content type, among other factors. A support team from Carbonite’s technical team is available 24/7 to help clients onboard and recover from disasters, a feature other vendors charge extra for. As well as SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Groups, Planner, Teams, and Teams Data, Carbonite Backup for Office 365 offers protection for all SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Exchange, Groups, and Planner data.

Carbonite Features

  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Award-winning support, 7 days/week
  • External Hard Drive backup
  • Remote file access to computer files
  • Encryption
  • FERPA, GLBA & HIPAA support
  • Centralized management & admin controls
  • Image Backup and Bare Metal Restore
  • Backup for databases & applications

Dell Technologies PowerProtect Data Manager

Dell Technologies provide IT infrastructure, individual employee devices, and broader industry security solutions and products. The company provides a range of solutions and products that empower organizations through digital transformation. Dell Technologies’ PowerProtect Data Manager offers software-defined data protection as well as automated discovery and deduplication capabilities to protect physical, virtual, and cloud environments. The software can be purchased as a standalone application or as part of Dell’s Data Protection Suite, which also includes Avamar and NetWorker.

Data is protected across applications and cloud-native IT environments with PowerProtect Data Manager because it is software-defined. The management console is cloud-based as well so that customers can manage backups and restores directly from native applications. Customers can also store backups in the cloud for long-term preservation and disaster recovery. From the console, administrators can view backups and monitor device recoveries from anywhere. They also have complete oversight and governance to ensure compliance.

Dell PowerProtect allows for automated deduplication, which alleviates the strain on system resources. It was developed in a modular, agile manner so that it can deliver updates and new features quickly to help counter new and emerging threats.

Dell’s PowerProtect Data Manager combines simplicity, agility, and flexibility to provide users with the highest level of security against even the latest threats. Dell has released three new updates for PowerProtect Data Manager within the last year. Although there is currently no unified management console for on-premise and cloud environments, customers praise this solution as being easy to use and manage. Data backup and recovery solutions with PowerProtect Data Manager are a good choice for small and midsize businesses, as well as large enterprises.

Dell Technologies PowerProtect Data Manager Features

  • Provide flexible data protection and compliance across applications and cloud-native IT environments
  • Extend protection to the cloud with backup to the cloud, backup in-cloud, long-term retention and cloud disaster recovery
  • Backup and restore directly from native applications
  • Easily monitor and troubleshoot from anywhere with SaaS-based management
  • With operational simplicity, agility and flexibility at its core, PowerProtect Data Manager enables the protection, management and recovery of data in on-premises, virtualized and cloud deployments, including the protection of in-cloud workloads
  • Streamline data protection directly for applications or Kubernetes containers to Dell EMC data protection appliances and reduce application resource constraints

Zerto Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Zerto is a cloud data management and protection technology acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in July 2021. It enables on-premises virtual environments and public clouds to offer data protection, backup, recovery, and workload mobility solutions. They have designed Zerto Backup for SaaS, powered by Keepit, to protect the most popular SaaS solutions, including Microsoft office 365, Dynamics 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.

Disaster recovery is built on continuous data protection (CDP). Because Zerto’s technology uses journal logging, every change that occurs during a specific period is logged, so it can be recovered from any point in time down to a second. It enables businesses to access their data even if their SaaS applications are temporarily unavailable. cloud-to-cloud backup safeguards all Microsoft Office 365 data, including Exchange, Teams, Sharepoint, and OneDrive.

Data from Microsoft Office 365 is automatically stored for 12 months in Zerto, but customers can set their own retention period as needed. A variety of methods and options are available for recovering data, including full recoveries and granular data points. With Search & Restore, users can search keywords to locate and restore data.

Easily deployable in the cloud, Zerto is a great option for large enterprises looking for all-in-one protection for their Microsoft Office 365 data, with no on-premises installation required. We highly recommend Zerto for Microsoft Office 365 disaster recovery.

Zerto Features

  • Continuously capture and track data modifications so you can restore back to any point in time with a remarkable granularity
  • Say goodbye to periodic backups and snapshots. Deliver the tightest RTOs and RPOs with near-synchronous replication
  • Every change made is automatically written into a journal with a granularity of seconds, so you can rewind to a point in time immediately before an incident
  • Protect your key business services and applications including all their dependencies as a cohesive, logical entity
  • Recover entire virtualized datacenters or a single file, whether seconds ago or years ago

SolarWinds Backup

In addition to its IT infrastructure services, SolarWinds backup and recovery services include virtual and physical servers, workstations, critical documents, and Microsoft Office 365. Solarwinds offers customers access to its global private cloud for fast, reliable recovery and easy management from a single dashboard, regardless of whether they are on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. A SolarWinds Backup system is designed for fast data transmission between a company’s systems and a private cloud located in another country over the WAN.

Organizations may also choose to store backups on their own hardware if they wish to have a local copy. By storing backups in the cloud, no hardware is needed, and system resources are compressed.SolarWinds Backup gives administrators one place to manage backups, schedule backups, and recover data across all servers, workstations, and business-critical applications. The solution offers multiple options for recoveries themselves, including recovery of bare metal, recovery of physical-to-virtual, and recovery of virtual-to-physical data.

SolarWinds Backup was designed specifically for cloud-based environments and optimized for more efficient data transfer, which reduces bandwidth and system resource usage. There are automation options for scheduling backups in this solution that make it easy to deploy and reduce the need for manual configuration. With its cloud storage capability, SolarWinds Backup is a perfect solution for MSPs and organizations seeking a backup and recovery solution with easy installation and management.

SolarWinds Features

  • The system’s at-a-glance status is built to help you spend less time monitoring and more time managing your business
  • Our unique LocalSpeedVault™ can help you deliver against tight RTOs without the complexity or expense of appliance-based solutions
  • One cleanly designed, multitenant hosted console to let you check backup statuses, schedule backup jobs, and recover data
  • Protection for physical and virtual servers, workstations, documents, and Microsoft Office 365 Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint
  • Built for the cloud from day one and designed for rapid transfers to and from our global, private cloud over the WAN
  • Reduce your hardware costs by storing backups in our own cloud and, if you want a local copy, you can choose your own hardware

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