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Discover how SharePoint is helping grow Businesses

What is SharePoint and how does it work?

SharePoint is a web-based content management and collaboration solution that interfaces with Microsoft Office. It functions as an all-in-one platform, allowing businesses of all kinds to stay organized and on top of all immediate and long-term duties by segmenting divisions and workers. Microsoft SharePoint does this by serving as a collaborative tool, corporate-wide intranet, automation enabler, and company document management system, to mention a few features. Here are some innovative ways SharePoint can help your company as a collaboration platform. You only need a web browser like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

How SharePoint Can Help You Grow Your Business

The fact that Microsoft Sharepoint is a web-based collaborative platform is the primary reason why it is being used by an increasing number of businesses. That means it is accessible from anywhere.

Aside from that, another significant advantage of adopting Microsoft Sharepoint is that it benefits from everything that comes with Microsoft Suite. But then there’s the question of whether that’s all there is to it. Are these the sole reasons why so many businesses use it? However, the answer is NO!

So, here are some major ways in which Microsoft SharePoint can assist your firm in thriving and prospering in today’s competitive environment.

1 . SharePoint for project management

First and foremost, Microsoft SharePoint enables employees to create internal sites to handle projects or assigned duties regardless of division. As a result of the up-to-date information on projects being tracked, adjusted, and thus completed, sound business decisions will continue to be made.

2. Company-Wide Intranet

Microsoft SharePoint has all of the tools required to build and administer an intranet that is used to convey and share critical information that may influence one or all of the organization’s divisions and employee levels. It might also be utilized as a brainstorming tool to discuss any ideas or issues.

3. Collaboration among employees

Going back to the previously mentioned benefit, being able to support and supply such a platform would help employees to achieve better transparency among themselves if any difficulties or points of dispute can be adequately resolved. Furthermore, any effective communication between workers will be a far more immersive experience, despite the fact that it is still online. Workers’ capacity to monitor one other’s progress on tasks or divisional long-term goals will keep them accountable and hence on track to achieve any intended results.

4. Access to Critical Company Information

Microsoft SharePoint not only allows for employee communication, but it also makes it a more precise tool because all levels of staff will have access to company-wide data. The value SharePoint provides to this element is the ability to provide users with access to such data pulled from a common line of business systems, such as CRM, allowing them to create personalized views of anything important to their function in a once centralized area.

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5. A Secure Platform

Microsoft SharePoint Online provides organizations with a piece of mind by allowing them to protect any information stored on their platform from unauthorized use. When it comes to personnel papers, folders, and list access, permissions for all staff can be handled, only granting appropriate access to this material that is required for their function.

These are some of the advantages and practical capabilities that we have highlighted here; nevertheless, consider this a brief overview and starting point for how SharePoint can immediately assist your business. Do you want to incorporate Microsoft SharePoint into your business? We, like SharePoint, are committed to providing you with the technology tools you need to grow your business and improve communication with both customers and staff.

6. External Users Can Safely Enter Data

When it comes to the intranet, certain pages can be created for external-facing objectives. Furthermore, on-site contractors can complete orientation training and interviewees can complete online applications without obtaining any access (or even awareness of) the intranet and the data contained inside. These pages may also require credentials to keep the information secure.

HR departments, for example, might benefit greatly from this type of outward-facing interface, particularly when onboarding new workers who do not yet have full access to the intranet.

Another advantage is that the information entered can be made available to the appropriate teams in a very safe manner, without compromising privacy or security issues.

7. Promotes Employee Mobility & Remote Access

As employees increasingly demanded quick access to important business applications at any time and from any location, firms began to embrace mobility, remote access, and bring-your-own-device drives.

And this is exactly what Sharepoint is doing. Yes, with SharePoint Mobile and SharePoint Online, users may access company data from anywhere in the world.

Not only that, but one can collaborate with colleagues even while they are not in the office. It simply implies that the papers can be opened, edited, and reviewed at any time or on any device that is convenient for the user.

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