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Best Linux gaming distros

Best Linux gaming distros

Best Linux gaming  distros

The finest Linux gaming distributions make it simple to play PC games on your Linux PC or laptop.In the last half-decade, Linux gaming has come a long way. While gaming on Linux was always viable, titles that functioned smoothly on the platform were few and far between.

Valve’s announcement of their own Linux gaming distro proved to be a watershed moment, causing game companies to sit up and take notice of the open source platform’s presence. The titles started arriving in quickly, and today major gaming developers are openly displaying the penguin compatibility of their marquee titles. Thanks to projects like Proton, Linux users may play games that were originally created for Windows.

Even before Valve became involved, the leaders of gaming on Linux were perennial open source initiatives like the WINE compatibility layer, gaming platforms like Lutris that rely on a robust community to power hundreds of Linux gaming games, and high-quality open source drivers from vendors like AMD.

Because of all of these endeavors, the open source operating system has proven to be not only a capable gaming platform, but it may also sometimes exceed Windows (opens in new tab).

We tested these linux distributions for gaming in a variety of ways. Some of the fundamental elements we considered were disk space for installation, support for various types of controllers (including PlayStation and Xbox), support for various gaming platforms, the quantity of games included, and extra apps for regular usage.

In true open source fashion, you have a number of options to help you design the ideal Linux gaming experience. Here are some of the possibilities:

Pop Os

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This is my preferred option. Pop! OS by System76 is based on Ubuntu, and the only desktop environment available is GNOME.The Pop! Store (the app store for Pop! OS) provides access to the majority of critical applications, including Lutris, GameHub, and others. In addition, separate ISO files for NVIDIA and AMD computers are also provided.

Consequently, depending on the GPU on board, you can choose to install Pop! OS using the appropriate ISO file, which should make your system ready to use out of the box. Not only that, but because it was designed by a PC/laptop manufacturer, you can expect it to be compatible with the latest and greatest hardware. For gamers, this entails enabling hybrid graphics on Linux and providing the option to launch games on the GPU via the context menu.

In a nutshell, Pop! OS is simple to use, ideal for beginners, and compatible with modern technology for Linux gaming. Please feel free to test the latest LTS (Long-Term Support) version of Pop! OS.


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Ubuntu is the obvious choice. If you are new to Linux, the absolute best place to begin is with Ubuntu; this is true regardless of whether you want to use Linux for your professional or gaming needs. Pop! OS is more appealing to me personally, and there are also certain differences between the two operating systems.

You might not be able to locate all of the features from Pop! OS in Ubuntu, but there are a number of GNOME extensions that you can test out to acquire a feature-set that is comparable.

In general, provided that your hardware setup is sufficient, Pop! OS and Ubuntu should both be excellent options for you to consider (and not an ancient rig). In a manner analogous to that which I described for Pop! OS, you should favor utilizing the most recent LTS version.

The Ubuntu Universe and Ubuntu Multiverse repositories also have a plethora of open-source games. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always search the internet or GitHub. GameHub and Lutris are two other game libraries for Ubuntu that allow you to play some Windows games on Linux.

The community that has formed around the Ubuntu operating system is easily the most beneficial aspect of using it for gaming. You are able to get assistance with any query that you have, and there is a good probability that you will find answers to any problems that you experience. You will receive all of the assistance that you require from the Ubuntu community.

Ubuntu Game Pack

Even though it’s called Ubuntu Game Pack, it’s a separate Linux distribution made for games. It is the same as Ubuntu and uses the same GNOME 3 shell, but it is made by a company in Ukraine called User and Linux instead of Canonical.

The GNOME shell in Ubuntu Game Pack is very different from the one used in Ubuntu. The OS also works with Flash and Java, and it has a built-in optimizer that helps your graphics card handle more complex graphics better.

The best thing about Ubuntu Game Pack is that the whole operating system is made for games. You can quickly get to Steam, Lutris, PlayOnLinux, Game Jolt,, and more through the repository. You can also pay a monthly fee for Cross Over, a premium Linux app that lets you play Windows PC games on Linux.

Linux Mint

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Linux Mint is a version of Linux that is based on Ubuntu and looks a lot like Windows. Mint is the Linux distribution that works best for gamers who are used to working with Windows. Everything is easy to find, and a lot of the navigation is the same as in Windows.

Because Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, many of the same software repositories are available. This makes it easy to install games. You can get to Steam with little to no trouble.

In a way similar to Ubuntu, you will also become a part of the huge Linux Mint community.

Linux Mint is a Linux distribution that is based on Ubuntu and features a look that is comparable to that of Windows. Mint is the most recommended Linux distribution for gamers who are used to dealing with Windows. Everything is pretty simple to find, and a big chunk of the navigation is very similar to what you would see on Windows.

Because Linux Mint is derived from Ubuntu, which means that many of the same software repositories are accessible, the process of installing games is a breeze on Linux Mint. Steam is easily accessible, requiring little to no effort on the user’s part.

You will also find yourself enmeshed in the massive Linux Mint community, in a manner that is comparable to that of Ubuntu’s.

Elementary OS

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Elementary OS is another Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, however, it has the appearance and functionality of MacOS. Elementary OS is often regarded as being among the most aesthetically pleasing distributions of Linux now available; hence, if aesthetics are important to you, you should choose this distribution.

The good news is that it’s also fantastic for gaming. The default repository for Elementary OS is known as AppCenter, and it does contain a few games, but you won’t find many different kinds of games here. They are, in essence, attempting to emulate Apple. Instead, you will have to go to the website for Steam Store + Linux and download it from there. The situation is the same with other stores, such as GameHub.


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SteamOS is not your typical operating system for desktop computers. It is optimized for playing games on your system with the Steam client. You also have the option to run apps that are typical of Linux,The base system draws from Debian 8, code named Debian Jessie. but I wouldn’t recommend doing so unless you plan to use Steam as your primary gaming platform. If you do want to utilize Steam, however,

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