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Canva Alternatives

27 Best Canva Alternatives 100% for Graphic Design

27 Best Canva Alternatives  100%  for Graphic Design
27 Best Canva Alternatives 100% for Graphic Design

Canva Alternatives for Easy Graphic Design Without Canva, anyone can create beautiful designs, regardless of their level of experience. However, it does have some disadvantages, which causes some users to seek Canva alternatives instead.

Canva is a fantastic tool for creating things like presentations and blog images, but since it was acquired by Atlassian, we’ve seen price increases, feature restrictions, and attempts to upsell subscribers. Throughout this article, I’m going to introduce you to some Canva alternatives that offer many more interesting features and fun templates. These Canva alternatives should help you regardless of whether you’re searching for a cheaper option or a new interface.

1. Crello – Canva Alternatives

There’s no doubt that Crello is one of the closest alternatives to Canva because they both share some uncanny similarities. However, you should definitely try their professional templates.With the tool, you can create designs for social media, blogs, marketing materials, and other types of ads easily.The site offers over 25,000 ready-made static templates and 9,000 animated templates that are updated weekly.

2. Fotoram – Canva Alternatives

With you can edit photos, make collages, and create art photos. You can resize and crop images, adjust contrast and brightness, add blur, add a vignette, adjust color hue, and much more.This app is very impressive, as it can transform your picture into a portrait of a famous artist in seconds. And best of all, these art images are available for free to download without even logging in.

3. Snappa -Canva Alternatives

Snappa offers a simple and minimalistic editor that gives you icons, vectors, photos, and simple shapes to use in your designs. Snappa is another online design tool that you can use to create graphics for social media, ads, and blogs. Before signing up, you can find more than a thousand unique templates on their website. However, you cannot create animations or GIFs with this tool.

4. Easil – Canva Alternatives

With Easil, you can create amazing design templates with 1000s of on-trend templates, and you can even customize your text by adding a drop shadow, glow, and curved effects. Additionally, you can add metallic or glitter text masks and create animated GIFs. The editor comes with a long list of shape masks. You can also add icons, illustrations, patterns and images.

5. DesignBold – Canva Alternatives

Alternatively, DesignBold is another popular editor that is considered a Canva alternative. It has a similar user interface, but it offers a bigger selection of stock photos. Additionally, they have a new set of marketing templates that you can use for your marketing collaterals.

6. Photopea – Canva Alternatives

You can edit images, convert between image formats, and design websites using Photopea. It is compatible with almost every web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.The software is also ad-supported, and you don’t have to register to use it.

7. Stencil – Canva Alternatives

This tool simplifies graphic design for bloggers and business owners and provides hundreds of Google Web Fonts, 1,200+ amazing templates, thousands of quotes, and 5 million stock photos. It’s possible to use Stencil on any web browser, the Chrome extension, the Firefox add-on, or even the WordPress plugin to create images directly on your website.

8. Venngage – Canva Alternatives

There are over 100 templates for Venngage, and you can use them to create eye-catching infographics. This tool is designed only for those looking to create infographics. Besides that, with their customizable templates, you can also make presentations, reports, and social media visuals with this tool.

9. Desygner – Canva Alternatives

This is another alternative to Canva that is available for both iPhone and Android. It has a similar drag-and-drop editor with a right sidebar, but in addition to designing social media graphics and blog posts, you can also edit PDFs and create logos.

10. Pixlr – Canva Alternatives

With Pixlr, you can create, edit and share images online easily. Besides being one of the Canva alternatives, it is also a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop, without having to download anything.There are few tools that can remove background for free. In addition, you can add fonts, textures, light streaks, dust flecks, and glitter to your photos using their templates.

11. Colorcinch – Canva Alternatives

It gives you access to over 50,000 vector graphics and icons as well as over 1.5 million stock images. Colorcinch is a simple, beautiful, and free photo editor & cartoonizer.In addition to resizing, enhancing, and transforming your images, you can also add special effects, filters, and overlays.

12. Befunky – Canva Alternatives

The Befunky online editor comes with 3 different design modes: Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Designer.You can edit your images in the first mode, create fun collages in the second mode, and create graphics for your blog or social media in the third mode.Using the tool, you can create stunning images thanks to its drag-and-drop editor and advanced photo-editing features.

13. Animaker– Canva Alternatives

Animaker is a Canva alternative for non-designers who want to create animations and live-action videos. It lets users create videos, short videos, or GIFs, and edit live videos.You’ll find tons of professionally designed templates as well as a massive collection of animated characters, properties, BGs, icons, images, videos, and more.

14. Fotor – Canva Alternatives

You can also edit and design pictures with Fotor, an online photo editor that has design, editing, and collage features. You can create graphics for your social media or blog with Fotor’s design feature, which comes with premade templates.It will allow you to enhance, resize, crop, remove the background, rotate and straighten pictures with just one tap. It will also allow you to make a photo collage with just one tap.

15. Adobe Spark – Canva Alternatives

Canva’s biggest competitor in the market is Adobe Spark. They offer thousands of professional templates, Adobe’s royalty-free library, and best-in-class layouts, colors, and fonts.With Adobe Spark, you can also create entire websites and videos in minutes.

16. DesignCap – Canva Alternatives

This site offers thousands of high quality templates and a vast collection of illustrations, shapes, and stylish fonts designed to help you create professional infographics, flyers, and social media graphics.This site has an extremely similar user interface to other sites such as Canva, including a drag and drop builder and a right sidebar.

17. Gravit Designer – Canva Alternatives

A number of the features you will find in Gravit Designer are similar to those found in Photoshop, Sketch, and GIMP. These include layers, drawing tools, grouping, shapes, text, effects, and more.In addition to offering pre-made templates for social media images and blog posts, this tool is best if you want to bring your own design to the table.

18. Artboard Studio – Canva Alternatives

Artboard Studio is an online tool that lets you create professional product mock-ups easily. It’s quite different from other Canva alternatives, but I wanted to include it on this list since I know people are looking for it . In addition to creating interactive presentation slides, you can also create them in real time.

19. Doka.Photo – Canva Alternatives

Doka.Photo offers an array of tools that allow you to edit your images without leaving your browser, including cropping, adding filters, adjusting brightness, contrast, exposure, and saturation, adding text, and resizing.

20. Design Wizard – Canva Alternatives

With Design Wizard, you can create and edit video as well as image designs in minutes. The program comes with two editors, a graphic editor and a video editor. Their design tools resemble Adobe as they support layers and artboards.They also have a collection of over 1 million premium images, thousands of high-quality videos, illustrations, and graphics.

21. Picmaker – Canva Alternatives

With Picmaker, you can create eye-catching designs across 70+ categories using AI-based graphic design software. You can access hundreds of ready-made design templates, 100 million stock images, 100,000+ icons, a custom brand kit, and more.Its artificial intelligence-based MAD button lets you choose from a staggering mix of templates, colors, fonts, and more to create social media designs, logos, memes, flyers, posters, invitations, certificates, etc. in minutes!

22. Simplified – Canva Alternatives

Simplified allows for instant customization using a library of millions of photos, thousands of fonts, and multiple design components.Aside from that, you can also take advantage of Simplified’s AI to remove backgrounds, create animations, and resize images with a single click.It’s easier than ever to manage all your marketing content on one platform and never use multiple tools again! You can also take advantage of in-app publishing and scheduling so you can create and publish content from one place.

23. Pixelied – Canva Alternatives

Similarly to Canva, Pixelelied has thousands of ready-made templates, millions of stock images, and photo editing tools like removing backgrounds in a single click.Pixelied has many features, but these two stand out from other DIY graphic design tools on the market and are sure to excite the designer in you! First, you can create powerful product mockups for your brand with the mockup editor.You can easily switch workspaces with the help of its workspace feature, and each workspace has its own designs, assets, and team members.

24. Tyle – Canva Alternatives

It’s easy to create social media images with Canva, but it lacks video creation features. With limited time and resources, marketers miss out on the engagement that video brings. That’s where Tyle comes into play.Using Tyle’s smart video and image editor, you are able to quickly create high-quality content for your social media. All you have to do is choose a template, and place your media and messaging.

25. RelayThat – Canva Alternatives

When you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to moonlighting as a designer, relayThat can help you create branded visuals for landing pages, social media, and ads.If you have checked out Canva, but need more template options or would like to test design suggestions, check out RelayThat. Users can upload their brand assets, and RelayThat will suggest various design sizes and formats for different platforms.

26. Piktochart – Canva Alternatives

The Piktochart software helps you create your own charts, graphics, and infographics with its library of data visualization templates.With Piktochart, you can also create social media images and presentations with templates. Piktochart is best known for its data visualization tools, but it also offers templates for creating social media images and presentations.The data visualization templates and capabilities that Piktochart offers are more extensive than those of Canva, if you want to create more visual content using data visualization techniques.

27. PicMonkey – Canva Alternatives

The PicMonkey app lets users edit photos and make collages, add effects, and apply filters to their images. It has powerful photo editing capabilities. If you plan to use PicMonkey for creating images specifically for web and social media, it may not be the best choice next to Canva since its original purpose is photo editing. But it offers a variety of templates and design assets that could be used for that purpose.

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